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How to Clean Portho Desk Clocks Front Glass

by Danish Ali 03 Jul 2023
How to Clean Portho Desk Clocks Front Glass

Keeping the clocks clean is important for their longevity and legibility. Dust, dirt, or smudges on clock faces can make it difficult to read the time accurately. Regularly wiping down the clock surfaces with a soft, lint-free cloth and, if necessary, using a mild cleaning solution can help maintain their appearance and readability.

To clean dust/dirt on Portho Desk Clocks' Front Glass, please follow the below instructions:

1) First, remove the glass of the desk clock. Very gently press the brass border around the glass and rotate it Anti Clockwise. This brass border is attached with glass circumfrence and has rings with it and can be easily removed by rotating it 2-3 turns Anti Clockwise just as shown in the below image.

2) Then safely clean the glass or front face of the clock. See below image for your better understanding.
3) Now, to close, apply the back cover behind the desk clock. Press the cover gently and rotate it Clockwise. The cover will take 2-3 turns to close.

Note: Do not press the glass directly as it can break the glass and may hurt you. Don't tighten the glass so much that it doesn't open next time when you need to clean it. Also, make sure the glass and brass border is 100% Dry while closing it.
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