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How to Adjust the Time in Portho Desk Clocks

by Danish Ali 03 Jul 2023
How to Adjust the Time in Portho Desk Clocks

Maintaining analogue clocks involves a combination of regular time adjustments, ensuring power supply, occasional mechanical maintenance and keeping them clean. By following these practices, we can ensure that our clocks remain reliable, accurate, and continue to serve their purpose in our daily lives.

To adjust the time in Portho Desk Clocks, please follow the below instructions:

1) First, gently Pull the Brass Crown Upwards. You will feel the click inside the crown once done. Before pulling up, The Crown remains Free and clock hands doesn't move. Once you pull the crown up, the clock hands start rotating. See below image for your better understanding

2) Once you pull up the crown (feel the click) the hands start rotating and now you can use the crown to adjust the time. The crown rotates Clockwise as well as Anti Clockwise and so does the clock hands.
3) Now, once you set the time gently press the crown downwards. It will make the crown free again and won't be affecting the clock hands.  

Note: Do not Push/Pull the Crown hardly or harshly as it can break the crown.
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