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Medieval Knight Crusader Templar Full Body Armor Costume

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  • Suit of Armor Wearable Costume Authentic Reproduction Replica ARMOR Size - 6 FEET 6" In shiny Finish Made Of Good Quality 18 gauge Steel . Black Knight Medieval Suit of Armor with Shield.
  • Medieval suits of armor were created in order to protect the knights during battle and make them more efficient warriors.
  • There were three types of fighting men during the middle ages known as Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. Suit of armor usually consists of the helmet breastplate & back plate, gauntlets, pauldrons (or shoulders), vambraces, couters, sabatons (foot armor), greaves (to protect shins).
  • Crusader Helmet Has small slits for eyes and breathing/ventilation which may be decorative as well as functional. Covers the breast and the back, however the name is sometimes used to describe the breast- and backplates together. Gloves that cover from the fingers to the forearms, These medieval pauldrons can easily suit the needs of LARP to medieval re-enactment groups. Sabaton covers the foot.
  • Made of good quality of 18 gauge steel
  • Armor is Fully Wearable and Comfortable


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